Botox is now available, at our dental office, right here in Anchorage, AK!

Are you worried about your looks? Do you suffer from facial pain? Headaches? TMJ?

Alaska Smiles is ready to offer complete dental care, including the use Botox. Many men and women across the country turn to Botox and cosmetic injections to enhance their looks. But many others have also found therapeutic uses, addressing conditions including bruxism (teeth grinding, jaw clenching), TMJ disorders, headaches (including chronic migraine). I am fully qualified and experienced in administering Botox injections.

But I also want to see you smile!

Botox for cosmetic use can achieve a number of results, including softening wrinkles and tightening jawlines and jowls. We’ve made it a part of our dental clinic because giving you a great smile is more than just beautiful teeth, but the confidence knowing that you look attractive and are free of facial pain. And now, it’s available here in Anchorage, at our office.

Here are some things to consider when booking a Botox appointment with us…

1. Good Timing: We know you want to look your best before major life events, including a wedding, award ceremonies, speeches, class reunions… Schedule that appointment a minimum of one month before that event to make room for any minor adjustments.

2. Avoid Groupon Deals: Most clinics that offer Groupon deals or other “too good to be true” discounts are not looking to be your long-term consultant on Botox therapy. They’re mostly looking for that one-time sale, with a cheap hook, and plenty of upsells or other bait-n-switch tactics. We here at Alaska Smiles believe you need a long-term Botox consultant who gets to know you personally and knows exactly how to manage your care.

3. Go In With An Open Mind: Most people want the same treatment their friend or family member got. However, what worked best for your friend, may not work best for you. It’s important to let me perform a pre-evaluation, to determine how best to achieve the results you want.

4. Bruising Is Incredibly Rare: Yes, we’ve all heard those horror stories of movie actresses and models who got way too many injections and suffered from severe bruising. But those situations are often the result of very aggressive treatments, usually because the patient procrastinated before a major event, and needed too many things done right away, or went “doctor hopping” allowing the patient to determine what’s best, instead of establishing a long-term relationship with a physician. We believe in managing your Botox treatments carefully, and ensuring a beautiful smile without bruising.

5. Almost No Recovery Time: Botox treatments let you return to your life immediately without the need to hide in your home for weeks. We know this is important for you, and we’re already set up to get you back to your daily life without any swelling or bruising.

6. Things to Avoid: Generally, immediately following Botox treatments, you will want to avoid heavy cardio, massages, steam rooms, or any activities that involve high heat or physical stress. This is because those activities will surge blood to your face and interfere with precision placement of Botox material.

7. Botox Is Temporary: Botox treatments tend to last between three to six months, depending on the individual and the amount used. After that, the body returns to its previous state, and subsequent appointments will be needed.

8. Botox Is Indicated for Any Age: There is a popular misconception that Botox is only for older individuals. We disagree. In fact, there are surprising number of people in their 20s that rely on Botox for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses. We have found that when people start early on Botox, it becomes easier, quicker, and more affordable to undergo subsequent treatments.

Ready to get started? Contact us today, or visit our office…

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