Have you thought about using your PFD for dental work?

I ask because many Alaskans use their PFD for this very purpose, and people are already booking appointments with us for the remainder of the year.

Families who spend their PFD on dental work, tend to do the following…

1. Teeth alignment: This is perhaps the most popular time of the year when parents want to correct misaligned teeth for their children.

2. Nagging Tooth Pain: Alaskans often put off dealing with a painful tooth until this time. Many times, extractions and root canals are not even necessary.

3. Teeth Whitening: With holidays approaching, along with family gatherings and parties, people want brighter smiles for the camera.

4. Botox Treatments: Yes, we offer Botox! We get a lot of women (and men) that spend their PFD to remove wrinkles and lines in time for the holidays.

5. Maxing Out Co-Pays and Deductibles: Many patients use their PFD in conjunction with their dental insurance, to take care of co-pays and deductibles. Often times, they can max out their cost share before the year runs out on their policies.

6. Checkups and Teeth Cleaning: Many patients opt for a once-a-year checkup and teeth cleaning, and it’s often scheduled just as their PFD comes in.

If you’re planning to use any of your PFD on dental services, don’t wait to book your appointment. Our calendar is filling up. Book your appointment today!

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