Use Your Insurance Before Time Runs Out

/Use Your Insurance Before Time Runs Out

Use Your Insurance Before Time Runs Out

Keep in mind, the last day of the dental insurance calendar is just over two months away (December 31).

And, we will be closed over the Christmas holiday.

Hence, if you have not used up your dental insurance benefits by then, it’s like leaving money the table. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8% of people with PPO dental plans reached or exceeded their annual maximums. Many people also have Flexible Spending Accounts, which help pay for dental and medical care with pre-tax dollars. Even if you’re paying for dental care through an insurance plan or an FSA, your coverage will run out on December 31.

And those unused benefits don’t roll over into the next year. They simply vanish!

Don’t let your hard-earned dental dollars go to waste.

Right now, our appointment calendar has openings between now and the week of Christmas. You should book early just in case you’ll need a follow up visit. Don’t wait too long because those openings will fill up, especially after Halloween, and you know, that whole candy thing!

  • Take Advantage of Your Plan Maximum – If you’ve already had a few visits with us this year, it’s could very well mean that you’ve reached your plan maximum, and you’re now in the “free zone”. Now is the time to capitalize on your insurance plan and get your full benefits.
  • Don’t Worry About Deductibles – Most dental plans pay 100% for preventive visits. Don’t let that valuable coverage go to waste!
  • Flexible Spending Accounts – The money in an FSA works like a debit card, except it can only be used for dental, and those dollars don’t roll over into the next year. You simply lose that money! At the very least, just make an appointment with us for a preventive visit, a check up, or a teeth cleaning.

Call us right away to book an appointment!

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