The easiest way to preserve your teeth, and one of the most convenient, is to drink a bottle of water after every meal.

If an, “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, then imagine what 16.9 ounces of prevention will do!

Keep a flat of bottled water at your workstation, or keep a few bottles in your car, or perhaps your kitchen, and make a habit of reaching for a “full one” every time you finish breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure to take a few swishes in your mouth, then drink down the remaining water in the bottle as you would normally do.

This will wash away the acids, sugars, and coloring agents found in most meals. It will also wash away food particles that can harbor bacteria.

Keep in mind, we often think that brushing and flossing after every meal is the most important habit, and of course it is. However, it’s a habit that most Americans don’t make. But, most Americans do drink bottled water. So, why not keep bottles of water in places where you might easily find them, like in your office, in your car, on the work bench in your garage?

Coffee and tea DO NOT work for this habit. They still contain acids that will eat away at your enamel, and they will also stain your teeth. If you need something more flavorful than water, try flavored seltzer water, but make sure it contains only water, carbon dioxide, and natural flavors. No sweeteners or other ingredients.

Distilled water, spring water, drinking water, purified water, are all just as good. It’s not necessary to drink fluoridated water, but not necessarily bad either. The main thing is to give your mouth a good rinsing out after every meal and doing it in a way that fits into your daily activities.

Drink on…