Cracked Tooth Repair with Crown

A cracked tooth results in a painful ache that can keep you up all night and make things difficult to chew. You must see a dentist right away before the crack worsens and becomes infected. Most cracked teeth can be saved using a crown. If you wait too long to see a dentist, an infection may set in, and a root canal may be necessary before fitting a crown. Watch our video below about cracked tooth repair with crown…

Cracked Tooth

Sometimes, teeth can develop cracks, and when not treated this can have serious consequences for your oral health. Cracks can come from injury or large fillings that weaken the rest of the tooth. Even small cracks can allow bacteria into the tooth causing decay or infection leading to further destruction.

A cracked tooth may or may not be sensitive to hot and cold or be painful when biting and chewing. Cracks that progress too far can result in entire sections of the tooth breaking off, and in some cases loss of the tooth entirely.

Single Crown

A dental crown is usually made of ceramic or composite material. At Alaska Smiles, we use a CAD/CAM that gives us a 3-D image of the tooth which we use to build your crown. First, a tool is used to grind away damaged tooth material. A crown is then milled using the 3-D imagery. We place the crown and set it in place with bonding material.

At this point, your crowned tooth is complete and ready for biting and chewing.

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How We Treat Cracked Teeth with Crowns

We start with an initial examination by our dentist, Brett Johnson, DDS, which includes 3-D scans of your teeth and jaw to check for abscesses or other infection. If we find significant infection, we may first refer you to an endodontist for root canal therapy.

Fitting of a crown starts by taking a computerized scan of the cracked tooth. This scan will produce 3-D imagery that will be used to create your crown. After the scan is complete, we use a tool that gently grinds away the damaged and infected tooth material. The crown is milled and then placed over the remaining tooth and set into place with a bonding agent.

If we determine a tooth is severely infected or damaged, a crown may not be possible, and instead an extraction will be recommended. After an extraction, once bone material has regenerated, the patient will be ready for a dental implant or bridge.

cracked tooth repair in anchorage
Since 2005, Alaska Smiles has successfully saved thousands of cracked teeth using the latest techniques in dental diagnostics and surgery. In 2018, Dr. Brett Johnson completed 179 hours of continuing education, well above the minimum 32 hours that many other dentists settle for. This commitment to staying at the forefront of dentistry is why so many Alaskans have saved their natural teeth from infection, extractions, and root canals.